"Stand Fast" in Your Spiritual Freedom in Christ!

 ​The Christian life requires spiritual endurance and stamina.  We cling to Jesus Christ and never let Him go.  The way to stand fast is to keep our eyes on Christ, to remember that this world is not our home, and to focus on the fact that Christ will bring everything under His control.   more...


God wants our hearts to be right with Him.  A broken spirit and a contrite heart are the keys to getting right with God.  God will uncover your sin.  The Word of God has a unique ability to conduct its work on our hearts in deep and secret places.



The invitation to "come​" is from Jesus and contains no limitations or restrictions.  He will turn no one away.  There is no need to stand afar off because Christ calls ALL to draw close to Him.



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Standing Steadfast!

If the Christian would be steadfast, regardless of the situations that confront them, God can do marvelous things in them and through them in this present world. May every child of God go forth in faith that God Himself will see him through every trial and test.